Gungi is a fictional game from the Hunter X Hunter universe. It is described as a game harder to master than Go, and being incredibly open-ended due to the ability to reinforce your army from outside the board. The mechanics of the game are similar to those in Chess and Go. This project is currently a work in-progress.


Python interface for the SEGGER J-Link. Provides an interface for debugging, flashing, and testing embedded MCUs in Python.

Git Achievements

Earn achievements while using Github. Git Achievements monitors your repositories, and rewards you for interesting things that you do. Add it to your list of Github Webhooks and start winning achievements.


Command line interface and Python package for UW's Marmoset submission server. Marmoset is a submission server for University of Waterloo Computer Science students to submit their programming assignments. This package allows user to submit assigments and fetch results through a command-line interface, as well as write programs around that.